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User Story: Avacom Net Services

March 2, 2001
W.J. Gilmore

Any enterprise involved in the publishing of time-sensitive securities data is expected to adhere to the most rigorous of controls to ensure both the integrity and timeliness of their information. Thus, when Cyprus-based Avacom Net Services ( decided to step into this market, they knew that prudent decisions were to be made regarding their system architecture should they ever expect their service to be a success. Opting not to go with one of the more expensive proprietary database server solutions, they chose MySQL. The outcome? The fastest securities information retrieval service available in Cyprus today(1).

This service is offered to clients via Avacom's custom-built application, Avacas ( Avacas, a freely downloadable application available for all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, retrieves the latest financial data from Avacom's internal MySQL database server. Used by approximately 17,000 - 20,000 clients daily, Avacas connects to this database at 10-second intervals, drawing on the more than 3,500,000 rows of data stored within (roughly 500 MB of stored data).

To eliminate the risk of downtime due to data corruption or faulty servers, Avacom employs MySQL's data replication feature, mirroring the data between MySQL servers installed on a dual Pentium processor server running RedHat Linux 7.0, and a Sun UltraSparc 10 running Solaris 8.

Asked about the reliability of MySQL, Avacom developer Dinos Constanti reported, "The current setup has been in everyday use for more than six months. During this time we have experienced zero downtime which explains the large number of users of our system by both businesses and the public. While the userbase has grown quite larger than what we originally expected, MySQL has easily handled the traffic load. It does so with such adeptness that we offer the fastest stock information retrieval in Cyprus."

Constanti also remarked that "[Another] key feature of MySQL is the compatibility with most of the servers and operating systems in use today, since it affords the developer the opportunity to freely choose the best system in each occasion of the client/server environment."

(1) As reported by Avacom Net Services, March 1, 2001

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