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From: "Lukas L..<cut>.."
To: <>
Subject: [addition] Some users of MySQL
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 19:06:56 +0200

Hi MySQL ppl,

let me introduce ourselfs. We at are - according to an independent
study of Media Metrix (MMXI) - Germany's mobile portal #1 and e-commerce
shop #3 (behind and Currently we've got 1.8 Mio active
Users... all managed by some MySQL Servers.

Actually we've got four MySQL 3.22 Servers running on Debian GNU/Linux 2.2
(also with Kernel 2.2) and we're using VA Linux Hardware only. One of the
Servers runs on a Quad Xeon 550, the rest on Dual P3-850 all with 1GB Ram
and Mylex Raid 0+1. All four servers have a patched Kernel and Glibc with
higher process limits etc. running. We're planning to move to 3.23 and Linux
2.4 in the next month because of the increased SMP performance and some new
features we want to use.

Within the next two month we're building a new Mailsystem for our Users
(every User has a Mailaccount - btw. a handy is the german word
for cell phone) consisting of six VA Linux 1U Servers all of 'em running
QMail, authenticating Users via two MySQL Servers where one of both is a
write Master and both are used for balanced SELECTing. The Users mailboxes
will subsist in a 70TB SAN using QLogic FibreChannel Hostadapters, DotHill
Storage Subsystems and Gadzoox FC Switches.

We had to choose between User authentication via an Open LDAP Cluster or a
MySQL Cluster. We decided to use the MySQL Cluster, because it's easy to add
additional read slaves so we don't have to worry about bottlenecks with the
DB and because we've got about four Years of MySQL experience and almost no
LDAP experience. In addition, as you might have seen or know, we've got one
of this 5000 Euro one year extended login phone email support license with you,
so in the end it was self-evident that we chose MySQL.

So in the end we use MySQL to store informations about cell phones,
ringtones, icons and our users. It serves as backend for our Webcluster,
Mailcluster, Wapservers and it's the driving force behind our SMS Spool. We
also use it for logging purposes because some guy of Yahoo! Germany told us
that it works great and he was right... each of our 9 Webservers for produces about 6GB Logfile a week so we wrote a script that
summarizes the logs and puts it's output into a MySQL DB.

We had some process limit problems on our Linux Systems, but thanks to your
support we where able to patch the linux boxes and move the limit to a size
that meets our needs (we've got an average of about 1600 concurrent threads
per server). So we're very satisfied with MySQL and it'll be our database of
choice also for the future (though Oracle wishes we'd use their DB,
especially because we're a Bertelsmann profit center and they're using
Oracle.. they also wanted to give us a 85% discount (right, they offered us
to only pay 15% of the usual listprice) on all their products but what do we
care when we can have MySQL for free, running on much cheaper hardware :).

Now that we're sure that we'll be using MySQL in the future, we'd like to
ask you to add us to your list of MySQL users and if you want to, you can
quote me on everything in this mail.

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