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"DeZign for MySQL" is a database development tool using an entity relationship diagram. It visually supports the lay out of the entities and relations and automatically generates SQL-schemas for MySQL databases.

"ImportER scripts" offers the ability to import SQL files containing DDL statements for tables and domains (user defined datatypes) into "DeZign for MySQL". It incorporates a SQL parser that can derive a graphical data model from such SQL scripts. Easily migrate your Oracle, Sybase, Interbase, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, or Informix database to a MySQL database or reengineer your MySQL database.

Frequently Asked Question for "DeZign for MySQL" and "ImportER Scripts"

MySQL does not support domains. Can I still use domains?

Yes. When generating the MySQL script, DeZign automatically converts used domains to "normal" datatypes and if necessairy add a constraint to your script. It's very useful to use domains. When you define an entity, you can use a global attribute definition, called a domain, to define an attribute locally. Before defining an attribute that references a domain, you must first create the domain. The domain acts as a template for defining attributes. Domains are useful when many entities in a diagram contain identical attribute definitions. Attributes based on a domain definition inherit all characteristics of the domain; some of characteristics can be overridden by local attribute definitions.

How can I use the MySQL's enum-datatype?

A domain with domainitems will result in a definition of an enum-datatype. Choose "new domain" from the "objects" menu and create a domain with a datatype char or varchar. Go to the second tabsheet names "domainitems" and add the items for inclusion in the enumaration. Attach this domain to the attribute to get a declaration of an enum-datatype on the resulting column in your generated MySQL scripts.

Where can I find the datatype-mappings with my target-database? Can I change these datatype-mappings?

You can change the datatype-mapping from within the program. Simply select menu "schema - datatypes". The datatype information is physically stored in the ".typ"-file (textfile) that can be found in your programdirectory.

Can I include the diagram (model) in a word-document for report purposes?

Yes. "DeZign" has got an export feature. You can export your diagram to a bitmap or gif-image. This image file can be included in your document. "DeZign" also allows you to generate reports. These reports are in html-format and you can include a gifimage of your diagram in that report.

How can I duplicate an entity?

Select "save entity to file" from the objects-menu and select the entity you want to duplicate. The entity information including associated domains will be saved to a textfile. This textfile has got a ".ent" extension. Select "insert entity from file" to insert the previously saved entity into your diagram. Please note that domain-information will be "merged".

Is it possible to specify a table-contraints within DeZign? I want to have a multi-column primary key, but did not find a way to specify it.

DeZign will do this automatically for you when generating the script. If your entity has got a primary key that is a collection of multiple attributes, you should all mark these attribute as Primary key. DeZign will automatically make a multi-column primary key for the resulting table when generating the script.

My settings aren't stored and each time I start DeZign I see a drawing surface in colors I did not specify. What's wrong?

To run properly DeZign needs to access all the files that can be found in the program-directory of DeZign. Important files include schema-settings, selected options, database types etc. When starting DeZign it grabs these files out of the directory you started it from. So please be sure you start DeZignX.exe from the program-directory. Probably you made a shortcut that does not have the program-directory as your working-directory. So the working-directory for a shortcut must be the dezign program-directory.

What does the copy-function do?

The copy function "exports" the selected objects to a bitmap in your clipboard.

How can I generate my script?

Select "generate database" from the "schema"-menu. Select the target-system and click "OK". The scripts will be generated.

Can I define my constraints within the ER-model?

Yes. In the model, you can define constraints at attribute-level or at domain-level. In the schema-settings you can specify how these constraints will be generated (as table constraints, as column-constraints, as alter table statements).

Where can I find some theory about database-design/ER-modeling?

We're currently working on a theory section on Heraut's site. This will be a copy of the theory available in the helpfiles of "DeZign".

What are the limitations of the free version of "DeZign for MySQL"?

Limitations in the free version of "DeZign for MySQL" are:
Max. of 15 entities per project
Max. of 10 attributes per entity
No direct support

Do you provide educational licenses?

Yes. Send an email to for more information.

I'm a registered user. How about upgrades?

Updates (for ex. 2.0 to 2.1) are free. Upgrades (for ex. 1.15 to 2.0) are not free. Registered users will get rebates on a new version. You'll be notified when updates and upgrades are available.

I'm a registered user. How about support?

Support is free for regsitered users (the full version). Registered users and non-registered users may join the mailing-list. Please check out the dezign product page for more information.

Everytime I start a new project, I need to set my output-directory again. What's wrong?

Nothing is wrong. The outputdirectory is part of the project-options. Each project will have its own outputdirectory. You can set this directory in the project-options form.

Does "DeZign" support reverse-engineering?

With a separate utility called "ImportER Scripts" you can import SQL scripts for Oracle, MySQL, Interbase, Informix,IBM DB2, MS SQL Server and Sybase into "DeZign". You can read more about "ImportER Scripts".

I've got a very big model which takes far too long to load. What to do?

DeZign will automatically save older versions of your diagram. This enables you to "jump" to an older version of your diagram. Delete useless, old versions of your diagram in the versioncontrol-screen. The option to save older versions automatically can eventually be turned off in the options-screen.

Can I adjust a layout of a report?

Yes. Reports are generated based on a layout-file. These layout-files have the ".rep" extension and can be found in the programdirectory. The layout-files are normal textfiles and can be opened in wordpad or notepad.

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