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"DeZign for MySQL" is a database development tool using an entity relationship diagram. It visually supports the lay out of the entities and relations and automatically generates SQL-schemas for MySQL databases.

"ImportER scripts" offers the ability to import SQL files containing DDL statements for tables and domains (user defined datatypes) into "DeZign for MySQL". It incorporates a SQL parser that can derive a graphical data model from such SQL scripts. Easily migrate your Oracle, Sybase, Interbase, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, or Informix database to a MySQL database or reengineer your MySQL database.

DeZign for MySQL


"DeZign for MySQL" is a product of Datanamic and is of particular interest to MySQL database developers.

"DeZign for MySQL" is a database development tool using an entity relationship diagram. It visually supports the lay out of the entities and relations and automatically generates SQL schemas for MySQL databases.

"DeZign for MySQL" supports the logical and physical data-level from a single specification achieved by using automatic foreign key migration at design-time. Multiple display options include entity/primary key/attributes inclusive foreign keys/attributes exclusive foreign keys. "DeZign for MySQL also supports domains (user defined datatypes). Reports generated by "DeZign For MySQL" can be used for conveying complex designs in simplified format to managers at various management levels. You can generate reports, datadictionaries and MySQL databases in one click.

Free version

You can recognize a free version by the text "FREE VERSION" in the splash-form and the aboutbox. The free version of "DeZign for MySQL" only has got the following limitations:

  • Max. of 15 entities/relationships per diagram.
  • Max. of 10 attributes per entity/relationship.

See chapter "Ordering information" for how to obtain the full version of "DeZign for MySQL".

Download the free version

You can download the latest version directly from Datanamic's site:


In addition to personal help via e-mail we also offer a mailing list for users of our "DeZign for MySQL" product.

E-mail support (* registered users only)

Users who paid for the full version can get personal help via E-mail. Please make sure that all support E-mail for the full version of the "DeZign for MySQL" is sent to

Please include your registration data in email to support.

If you're unsure if an e-mail reached us okay please be sure to send the message again and indicate that the message is being re-sent. This will help us prioritize your problem better and make sure that no more time is wasted in getting the problem solved.

Mailing list

The list is for discussion between users of "DeZign for MySQL" on any topic related to "DeZign", database modeling and related issues.

To subscribe, send a message to

To unsubscribe, send a message to

The mailing list may be used by registered users and non registered users.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions as well as their answers can be found here.

Licensing "DeZign for MySQL"

When do I need a license for "DeZign for MySQL"?

For normal internal use, the free version of "DeZign for MySQL" costs nothing. A license is required if you want to make use of the full version of "DeZign for MySQL" and if you want to get support.

What does the license say?

The underlying principle of Datanamic's licensing policy is that each use of a Datanamic's product requires a license. Each license grants you the right to use one copy of the software product on your computer.

How do I determine how many licenses I need for my company to comply with the Datanamic license agreement?

Starting with the principle that you need one license for each use of the product, there are two basic rules that you need to follow in counting the number of "uses" of the product in your company. First, each copy of the product that is installed on a hard disk or other storage device of a computer is a "use" that requires one license. Second, if you plan to use the product on a computer network, and you have fewer licenses than the total number of workstations, then you need to determine the maximum number of concurrent users of the product you will have at any one time. The total number of "uses," arrived at by adding the number of copies that you will have installed on hard disk plus the maximum number of concurrent users on a network, determines the number of licenses you need.

Ordering information

Before ordering any of our products you must read the software license. The license can be found in the file license.txt.

Prices for a full version of "DeZign for MySQL"

Number of licensesPrice per copy
1US $119
2-10US $109
>10US $99

* All prices inclusive support.

Educational licenses

We provide educational licenses to educational institutes. For more information you can send an email to:

How to order

Orders for can be placed on Datanamic's website. You may order via the internet, by phone or by fax. We accept all kinds of payments: VISA, American Express, Mastercard, cheque, cash,..... The order-pages can be found here: After ordering we'll send you the product by email or regular mail.

If you've got questions you can send an email to "".

Key features

  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) editor.
  • Full support for the ER modeling techniques including some advanced techniques.
  • Fast, facile graphics manipulation.
  • Automatic schema-generation (DDL).
  • Full control over schema-output.
  • Define indexes.
  • Automatic foreign key placement at design-time.
  • Automatic resolution of many-to-many relationships.
  • Powerful report generator (html/include picture/clickable imagemap).
  • Full cardinality and connectivity support.
  • Weak entity-types supported.
  • Export diagram to bitmap or gif-image.
  • Support for domains (user defined types).
  • Multiple displaymodes.
  • High-level autoincrement datatype.
  • Export datadictionary.
  • Support for the MySQL enum-datatype.
  • Generate constraints as table-constraints, column constraints or use the alter table-statement.
  • Version control for your Entity Relationship Diagram.
  • Template driven schema-creation.
  • Open type mapping.


Visual data modeling

"DeZign for MySQL" is an easy-to-use; repository-based data modeling tool that help you design databases for desktop and client/server applications. "DeZign" uses entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to graphically design databases. In your diagram you can visually make a design using entities, relationships and text blocks.

Entity symbols are used to define database table structures, including details about columns (attributes), primary keys, null, unique, foreign keys, domains, check constraints, etc.

Relationships are drawn between entities and can include a name, abbreviation, description and the cardinalities (zero, one, many, etc.). "DeZign" automatically recognizes a N:M-relationship, which opens the way to add columns(attributes) to your relationship-object.

The chart editor user interface fully supports drag-and-drop of entities, relationships and text-blocks. Moving an entity automatically results in a redrawing of your relationship-lines.

"DeZign" will display model information at various levels. These display modes can be used at various stages of model development or can be used to convey model information in abstract or in varying depths of detail. There are four different display modes cadet currently supports; entity level, primary key level, attribute level and primary key with unique attributes level.

"DeZign for MySQL" supports the logical and physical data-level from a single specification achieved by using automatic foreign key migration at design-time. A modification to a property of a relationship or to a primary key will automatically affect foreign keys and will be visible when you're designing in a more physical displaymode.


"DeZign for MySQL" completely supports the ER-modeling techniques. Some advanced features like N:M-relationships(many-to-many relationships) , "weak" entities are also supported. "DeZign for databases" will take care of the translation of the ER-Diagram (your database design) to the physical database (for example: automatic foreign key declaration).

"DeZign for MySQL" includes detailed database- modeling theory in the help-files.


A domain defines a standard data structure (user defined type) that you can apply to multiple data items (attributes). When you modify a domain you globally update the attributes associated with the domain. This makes it easier to standardize data characteristics and modify your model consistently when you need to make changes.

Check parameters specify more precisely what values to allow for a domain or a data item. In "DeZign for databases", check parameters define standard parameters, such as accepted values.

Schema generation

"DeZign for MySQL" can generate database schemas directly from your ER-Diagram. These schemas include the "CREATE TABLE"-statements and details about table structures, primary and foreign keys and domains. You've got full control over the schema-output. Depending on your schema- settings, "DeZign" will generate primary keys, foreign keys, checkconstraints, uniqueconstraints, at column-level, table-level or in alter table statements. Depending on the target-database, domains will be generated as "check"-constraints or as "CREATE DOMAIN"/"CREATE DATATYPE" statements.

A SQL-Schema with the SQL-code to drop your tables will also be generated.

Version control

With the version-control system you can always return to an older version of your diagram. "DeZign for databases" automatically saves older versions of your diagram when you save your project to disc. You can make an older version the current version in the version-control screen. You can for example (re) generate your "older" SQL- schemas. Another advantage of this feature is the reporting possibilities of changes made to the datamodel.


You can choose between several reports with different levels of detail. Descriptions and other relevant information will be exported to html- files. Optionally the diagram can be inserted as a picture or as a clickable imagemap that automatically will bring you to the detailed information of the clicked object.

The diagram itself can be printed or exported to a bitmap or a gif-image.

The datadictionary itself can be exported to a text-file. You can simply define which attributes must be included.

Reverse engineering/importing scripts

To enable users of MySQL databases to easily migrate from another database to MySQL or to import an existing MySQL database, "ImportER Scripts" can be used. "ImportER Scripts" offers the ability to import SQL files containing DDL statements for tables and domains (user defined datatypes) into the database design tool "DeZign for MySQL". You can read more about "ImportER Scripts".

System requirements

"DeZign for MySQL" is available as a 32-bit application. The product is available for Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 3.51, or Windows NT 4.0. "DeZign for MySQL" requires a miniumum of 4MB RAM and will run on a 486 processor. Disk space requirements is 4 MB.

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