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A. Changelog

1.7.9 (May 1 2001) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • Fixed a serious bug in Connection constructor when reading MySQL options
  • Improved copy constructor and some other methods in Result / ResUse
  • Many other minor improvements
  • Produced a complete manual with chapter 5 included
  • Updated documentation, including a Postscript format

1.7.8 (November 14 2000) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • Introduced a new, standard way of dealing with C++ exceptions. MySQL++ now supports two different methods of tracing exceptions. One is by the fixed type (the old one) and one is standard C++ type by the usage of what() method. A choice of methods has to be done in building a library. If configure script is run with -enable-exception option , then new method will be used. If no option is provided, or -disable-exception is used, old MySQL++ exceptions will be enforced. This innovation is a contribution of Mr. Ben Johnson <>
  • MySQL++ now automatically reads at connection all standard MySQL configuration files
  • Fixed a bug in sql_query::parse to enable it to parse more then 99 char's
  • Added an optional client flag in connect, which will enable usage of this option, e.g. for getting matched and not just affected rows. This change does not require any changes in existing programs
  • Fixed some smaller bugs
  • Added better handling of NULL's. Programmers will get a NULL string in result set and should use is_null() method in ColData to check if value is NULL
  • Further improved configuration
  • Updated documentation, including a Postscript format

1.7.6 (September 22 2000) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • This release contains some C++ coherency improvements and scripts enhacements
  • result_id() is made available to programmers to fetch LAST_INSERT_ID() value
  • Connection constroctur ambiguity resolved, thanks to
  • Improved cnnfigure for better finding out MySQL libraries and includes
  • Updated documentation, including a Postscript format

1.7.5 (July 30 2000) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • This release has mainl bug fixes  and code improvements
  • A bug in FieldNames::init has been fixed, enabling a bug free usage of this class with in what ever a mixture of cases that is required
  • Changed behaviour of ResUse, Result and Row classes, so that they could be re-used as much as necessary, without any memory leaks, nor with any re-initializations necessary
  • Fixed all potential leaks that could have been caused by usage of delete instead of delete[] after memory has been allocated with new[]
  • Deleted all unused classes and macros. This led to a reduction of library size to one half of the original size. This has furthermore brought improvements in compilation speed
  • Moved all string manipulation from system libraries to libmysqlclient, thus enabling uniformity of code and usage of 64 bit integers on all platforms, including Windows, without reverting to conditional compilation. This changes now requires usage of mysql 3.23 client libraries, as mandatory
  • Changed examples to reflect above changes
  • Configuration scripts have been largely changed and further changes shall appear in consecutive sub-releases. This changes have been done and shall be done by our MySQL developer Thimble Smith <>
  • Changed README, TODO and text version of manual. Other versions of manual have not been updated
  • Fixed .version ``bug''. This is only partially fixed and version remains 1.7.0 due to some problems in current versions of libtool. This shall be finally fixed in a near future
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements
  • Added script to point to the correct procedure of building of this library. Edit it to add configure options of your choice

1.7 (May17 2000) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • This is mainly a release dealing with bug fixes, consistency improvements and easier configure on some platforms
  • A bug in fetch_row() method of ResUse class has been fixed. Beside changes that existed in a distributed patch, some additional error checking has been introduced
  • A bug in escape manipulator has been fixed that could cause an error if all characters had to be escaped
  • An inconsistency in column indexing has been fixed. Before this version, column names in row indexing with strings, i.e. row[<string>] , has been case sensitive, which was inconsistent with MySQL server handling of column names
  • An inconsistency in conversion from strings to integers or floats has been fixed. In prior version a space found in data would cause a BadConversion exception. This has been fixed, but 100% consistency with MySQL server has not been targeted, so that other non-numeric characters in data will still cause BadConversion exception or error. As this API is used in applications, users should provide feedback if full compatibility with MySQL server is desired, in which case BadConversion exception or error would be abolished in some of future versions
  • A new method in ColData class has been introduced. is_null() method returns a boolean to denote if a column in a row is NULL. Finally, as of this release, testing for NULL values is possible. Those are columns with empty strings for which is_null() returns true.
  • Some SPARC Solaris installations had C++ exception problems with g++ 2.95.2 This was a bug that was fixed in GNU gcc, as from release 2.95 19990728. This version was thoroughly tested and is fully functional on SPARC Solaris 2.6 with the above version of gcc.
  • A 'virtual destructor ' warning for Result class has been fixed
  • Several new functions for STL strings have been added. Those functions (see string_util.hh) add some of the functionality missing in existing STL libraries
  • Conversion for 64 bit integers on FreeBSD systems has been added. On those systems _FIX_FOR_BSD_ should be defined in CXXFLAGS prior to configuring. Complete conversion to the usage of functions for integer conversion found in mysqlclient library is planned for one of the next releases
  • A completely new, fully dynamic, dramatic and fully mutable result set has been designed and will be implemented in some of 2.x releases
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements, including defaulting exceptions to true, instead of false, as of this version
  • An up-to-date and complete Postscript version of documentation is included in this distribution
  • Large chunks of this manual are changed, as well as README and TODO files.

1.6 (Feb 3 2000) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • This is a major release as it includes new features and major rewrites
  • Automatic quoting and escaping with streams. It works automatically , depending on the column type. It will work with << on all ostream derived types. it is paricularly handy with query objects and strstreams. Automatic quoting and escaping on cout, cerr and clog stream objects is intentionally left out, as quoting / escaping on those stream objects is not necessary. This feature can be turned of by setting global boolean dont_quote_auto to true.
  • Made some major changes in code, so that now execute method should be used only with SSQL and template queries, while for all other query execution of UPDATE's, INSERT's, DELETE's, new method exec() should be used. It is also faster.
  • New method get_string is inroduced for easier handling / casting ColData into C++ strings.
  • Major rewrite of entire code, which led to it's reduction and speed improvement. This also led to removal of several source files.
  • Handling of binary data is introduced. No application program changes are required. One of new example programs demonstrates handling of binary data
  • Three new example programs have been written and thoroughly tested. Their intention is to solve some problems addressed by MySQL users.
  • Thorough changes is Makefile system has been made
  • Better configuration scripts are written, thanks to D.Hawkins <>
  • Added several bug fixes
  • Changed Manual and Changelog

1.5 (Dec 1 1999) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • Fixed bug in template queries, introduced in 1.4 (!)
  • Fixed connect bug
  • Fixed several bug in type_info classes
  • Added additional robustness in classes
  • Added additional methods for SQL type info
  • Changed Changelog and README

1.4 (Nov 25 1999) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • Fixed bug in store and storein methods
  • Fixed one serious memory leak
  • Fixed a very serious bug generated by gcc 2.95.xx !!
  • Added robustness in classes, so that e.g. same query and row objects can be re-used
  • Changed sinisa_ex example to reflect and demonstrate this stability
  • Changed Changelog and README
  • Few other bug fixes and small improvements and speed-ups

1.3 (Nov 10 1999) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • Fixed several erronous definitions
  • Further changed source to be 2.95.2 compatible
  • Expunged unused statements, especially dubious ones, like use of pointer_tracker
  • Corrected bug in example file fieldinf1
  • Finally fixed mysql_init in Connection constructor, which provided much greater stability !
  • Added read and get options, so that clients, like mysqlgui can use it
  • Changed Changelog and README
  • Many other bug fixes.

1.2 (Oct 15 1999) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • First offical release. Version 1.0 and 1.1 were releases by Sinisa before I (Kevin Atkinson) made him the offical maintainer,
  • Many manual fixes.
  • Changed README and Changelog
  • Changed source to be compilable by gcc 2.95.xx, tribute to Kevin Atkinson <>
  • Added methods in Connection class which are necessary for fullfilling administrative functions with MySQL
  • Added many bug fixes in code pertaining to missing class initializers , as notified by Michael Rendell <>
  • Sinisa Milivojevic <> is now the offical maintainer.

1.1 (Aug 2 1999) Sinisa Milivojevic <>

  • Added several bug fixes
  • Fixed memory leak problems and variables overlapping problems.
  • Added automake and autoconf support by
  • Added Makefile for manual
  • Added support for cygwin
  • Added example sinisa_ex (let modesty prevail) which used to crash a lot when memory allocation, memory leak and overlap problems were present. Smooth running of this example proves that all those bugs are fixed
  • Corrected bugs in regarding delete versus delete[] and string length in
  • Changed manual
  • Changed README
  • Many other smaller things

1.0 (June 9 1999) Michael Widenius <>

  • Added patches from Orion Poplawski <> to support the UnixWare 7.0 compiler

.64.1.1a (Sep 27 1998)

  • Fixed several bugs that caused my library to fail to compile with egcs 1.1. Hopefully it will still compile with egcs 1.0 however I have not been able to test it with egcs 1.0.
  • Removed some problem causing debug output in sql++pretty.

.64.1a (Aug 1 1998)

  • Added an (almost) full guide to using Template Queries.
  • Fixed it so the SQLQuery will throw an exception when all the template parameters are not provided.
  • Proofread and speedchecked the manual (it really needed it).
  • Other minor document fixes.

.64.0.1a (July 31 1998)

  • Reworked the Class Reference section a bit.
  • Minor document fixes
  • Added more examples for SSQLS.
  • Changed the syntax of equal_list for SSQLS from equal_list (cchar *, Manip, cchar *) to (cchar *, cchar *, Manip).
  • Added set methods to SSQLS. These new methods do the same thing as there corresponding constructors.
  • Added methods for creating a mysql_type_info from a C++ type_info.

.64.a (July 24 1998)

  • Changed the names of all the classes so they no longer have to have Mysql in the begging of it. However if this creates a problem you can define a macro to only use the old names instead.
  • The Specialized SQL Structures (formally known as Custom Mysql Structures) changed from mysql_ to sql_.
  • Added the option of using exceptions thoughout the API.
  • ColData (formally known as MysqlStrings) will now throw an exception if there is a problem in the conversion.
  • Added a null adapter.
  • Added Mutable Result Sets
  • Added a very basic runtime type identification for SQL types
  • Changed the document format from POD to LYX .
  • Am now using a modified version of Perceps to extract the class information directly from the code to make my life easier.
  • Added an option of defining a macro to avoid using the automatic conversion with binary operators.
  • Other small fixed I probully forgot to mentune.


  • Added Custom Mysql Structures.
  • Fixed the Copy constructor of class Mysql
  • Started adding code so that class Mysql lets it children now when it is leaving
  • Attempted to compile it into a library but still need help. As default it will compile as a regular program.
  • Other small fixes.

.62.a (May 3 1998)

  • Added Template Queries
  • Created s separate SQLQuery object that is independent of an SQL connection.
  • You no longer have to import the data for the test program as the program creates the database and tables it needs.
  • Many small bug fixes.

.61.1.a (April 28 1998)

  • Cleaned up the example code in and included it in the manual.
  • Added an interface layout plan to the manual.
  • Added a reverse iterator.
  • Fixed a bug with row.hh (It wasn't being included because of a typo).


  • Major interface changes. I warned you that the interface may change while it is in pre-alpha state and I wasn't kidding.
  • Created a new and Separate Query Object. You can no longer execute queries from the Mysql object instead you have to create a query object with Mysql::query() and use it to execute queries.
  • Added the comparison operators to MysqlDate, MysqlTime and MysqlDateTime. Fixed a few bugs in the MysqlDate... that effected the stream output and the conversion of them to strings.
  • Reflected the MysqlDate... changes in the manual.
  • Added a new MysqlSet object and a bunch of functions for working with mysql set strings.

.60.3a (April 24 1998)

  • Changed strtoq and strtouq to strtoll and strtull for metter compatibility Minor Manual fix.
  • Changed makefile to make it more compatible with Solaris (Thanks Chris H)
  • Fixed bug in comparison functions so that they would compare in he right direction.
  • Added some items to the to do list be sure to have a look.

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