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Downloads for the 4.0 version

This is the current alpha release of MySQL 4.0.

MySQL 4.0 is basicly a 'reconstruction release' that will enable us to more easily add new features to MySQL in the future. The intention is to quickly add features listed in the TODO section ( and then start to work on the 4.1 branch while 4.0 stabilizes.

You can find a description of the major new features in MySQL 4.0 here.
The complete changelog can be found here.
You can find how to upgrade from MySQL 3.23 here.

Linux downloads

Linux Advisory: Several of our users have reported random table corruption with Linux kernel 2.2.14 under heavy load. The table corruptions went away after an upgrade to a newer kernel. It appears that version 2.2.14 of the Linux kernel has a bug in the I/O implementation. Under some rather rare circumstances, the kernel will write incorrect data to the disk.

We recommend that all users currently running Linux kernel version 2.2.14 upgrade to the most recent version, which is of this writing, version 2.2.19.

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaLinux (Intel libc6 systems) (8.7M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaLinux (Alpha) (10.1M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaLinux (IA64) (7.6M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaLinux (Sparc) (6.1M)Download
RedHat packages (rpm)
MySQL 4.0.1Server (i386) (7M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1Benchmark/test suites (i386) (1.4M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1Client programs (i386) (1.7M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1Libraries and Header files for development (i386) (2.3M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1Client shared libraries (i386) (251K)Download
MySQL 4.0.1Embedded Server (i386) (1.4M)Download

Windows downloads

Since mysqlc contains Cygwin runtime DLLs, we also offer you the Cygwin sourcecode for compliance with GPL.

NOTE: Several users have encountered corrupted downloads when using download accelerator software to download MySQL.

Installation files (zip)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaWindows 95/98/NT/2000/XP (17.2M)Download
Cygwin downloads (tar.bz2)
Cygwin 1.3.9Source download (tar.bz2)Download

Solaris downloads

NOTE: Because of a bug in Solaris tar, Solaris users should use gnu tar to unpack archives.

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaSolaris 2.8 (Sparc) (5.9M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaSolaris 2.7 (Sparc) (6.2M)Download

FreeBSD downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaFreeBSD 4.4 ELF (Intel) (5.6M)Download

MacOS X downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaMacOS X Server 1.x (PowerPC) (5.7M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaMacOS X 10.1.1 (Darwin 5.1.x) (PowerPC) (5.7M)Download

HP-UX downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaHP-UX 10.20 (6.5M)Download

AIX downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaAIX 4.3 (RS6000) (6.7M)Download

SGI Irix downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaSGI Irix 6.5 (7.1M)Download

Dec OSF downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaDec OSF 5.1 (Alpha) (7.7M)Download

Source downloads

Compiler Advisory: Several of our users have reported random crashes and table corruption with MySQL binaries compiled with gcc 2.96 on the x86 Linux platform. Although we were unable to duplicate the problems ourselves or understand their exact cause, we suspect with a great degree of confidence that the problem was compiler related. Replacing the faulty binary with our binary always eliminated the problem.

We recommend that MySQL be compiled with gcc 2.95 if you have to compile your own binary at all. It is also acceptable to compile it with gcc 2.91 - builds with these compilers have been tested extensively. We would suggest, however, that you stay away from gcc 3.0 series until we have had some time to do some more extensive testing.

The best solution in terms of stability and performance for most users is to use our binary instead of compiling their own. Please visit to obtain an Official MySQL binary.

To determine if you should be concerned about this compiler issue, execute gcc -v from the command prompt on your system. If the compiler reports version 2.96, then there is a problem (this is the case, for example on RH 7.x series or Mandrake 8.x). In this case, you should not try to compile your own binary before downgrading to one of the compilers mentioned above. You should also NOT use the MySQL server provided with your distribution -- as this copy of MySQL was compiled with the same ill-advised compiler version.

The recommended solution in this case is to uninstall your distribution's MySQL and replace it with the one of the MySQL binaries from

Source packages
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaTarball (tar.gz) (11.3M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1Source RPM (rpm) (11.2M)Download
MySQL 4.0.1-alphaWindows 95/98/NT/2000/XP source (zip) (7.7M)Download

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