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Downloads for the Max 3.23 version

MySQL has during the years grown to be a quite big and capable SQL server with a lot of useful extensions that can be enabled at compile time. As not all users will have use for all extensions, we have solved this by providing two different MySQL binaries.

  • The standard MySQL 3.23 binary that is optimized for raw speed and without transactions.
  • The MySQL-Max 3.23 binary which includes support for the most requested features, like support for Berkeley DB (BDB) and/or InnoDB tables.

For a full list of things that are enabled, check the mysqld-max Manual entry. This manual page will also list of platforms and their BDB/InnoDB status.

Either BDB or InnoDB will provide you with full transaction support in MySQL (unlike MySQL's other table types, ISAM and MYISAM). BDB and InnoDB have previously been available only in source code distributions. This new MySQL-Max release makes them available in a binary release for the first time.

If for some reason you would like to compile a MySQL-Max version yourself, you should download the latest MySQL 3.23 source and compile this with the table types you want enabled.

If you experience any problems with BDB or InnoDB, the fastest way to get something fixed is to create a reproducible test case and submit a bug report of this.

Inexpensive contracts for technical support direct from the software developers behind MySQL, BDB, and InnoDB can be ordered at

The MySQL Manual includes a general discussion of the features and benefits of BDB tables, general discussion of the features and benefits of InnoDB tables.

Note: The MySQL 3.23.38 (and newer) distribution for Windows includes both the normal MySQL and MySQL-Max binaries.

Linux downloads

Linux Advisory: Several of our users have reported random table corruption with Linux kernel 2.2.14 under heavy load. The table corruptions went away after an upgrade to a newer kernel. It appears that version 2.2.14 of the Linux kernel has a bug in the I/O implementation. Under some rather rare circumstances, the kernel will write incorrect data to the disk.

We recommend that all users currently running Linux kernel version 2.2.14 upgrade to the most recent version, which is of this writing, version 2.2.19.
NOTE: Our MySQL RPMs require glibc 2.2 or above. Users with less than glibc 2.2 should rebuild the SRPM found at the bottom of this page.

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.49aLinux (Intel libc6 systems) (9.8M)Download
MySQL 3.23.49Linux (Alpha) (9M)Download
MySQL 3.23.49Linux (IA64) (7.2M)Download
MySQL 3.23.49Linux (Sparc) (5.6M)Download
RedHat packages (rpm)
MySQL 3.23.49aServer (i386) (2.1M)Download

Windows downloads

Since mysqlc contains Cygwin runtime DLLs, we also offer you the Cygwin sourcecode for compliance with GPL.

NOTE: Several users have encountered corrupted downloads when using download accelerator software to download MySQL.

Installation files (zip)
MySQL 3.23.49Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP (12M)Download
Cygwin downloads (tar.bz2)
Cygwin 1.3.9Source download (tar.bz2)Download

Solaris downloads

NOTE: Because of a bug in Solaris tar, Solaris users should use gnu tar to unpack archives.

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.49Solaris 2.8 (Sparc) (5.6M)Download
MySQL 3.23.49Solaris 2.7 (Sparc) (5.9M)Download
MySQL 3.23.39Solaris 2.8 (Intel) (5.5M)Download

FreeBSD downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.49FreeBSD 4.4 ELF (Intel) (5.3M)Download

MacOS X downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.46MacOS X Server 1.x (PowerPC) (5.3M)Download
MySQL 3.23.47MacOS X 10.1.1 (Darwin 5.1.x) (PowerPC) (5.2M)Download

AIX downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.46AIX 4.3 (RS6000) (6.3M)Download

SCO downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.42SCO 3.2 V 5 (Intel) (5.3M)Download
MySQL 3.23.42SCO UnixWare 7.1 (Intel) (5.6M)Download
MySQL 3.23.42SCO UnixWare 7.1 compiled with -lcudk70 (Intel) (5.6M)Download

SGI Irix downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.38SGI Irix 6.5 (7M)Download

Dec OSF downloads

Binary packages (tar.gz)
MySQL 3.23.39Dec OSF 5.1 (Alpha) (7.3M)Download

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