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Things that need to be done in MyCC

The following is a list of things that needs to be done in MyCC. Since MyCC is still in early development stage, this file will be modified constantly upon user input.


Things that need to be done

  • Write Documentation
    HTML Help (manual)
    Make each Widget respond to "What's This?"

  • Command Line Parameters
    MyCC should be able to deal with all the parameters currently used by the mysql console client.

  • Explain for Select Queries

  • Create User Dialog
    This is a dialog for GRANTING & REVOKING privileges for users.

  • saveMe() method for CMyWindow
    This will save the status of all open windows on program termination. The things it should save are:
    - Window size
    - Window position
    - Window state (maximized, minimized, etc..)
    Automatically restore open database connections

  • Rewrite CMySQLConnection & CMySQLQuery using a Generic Database Handler scheme based on plugins.
    This will enable MyCC to support connections to different databases including ODBC & ADO connections.

  • Create Table Dialog
    This dialog should look similar to the one used by MS Access or MS SQL Server.

  • Alter Table Dialog
    This dialog should look similar to the one used by MS Access or MS SQL Server.

  • Replace CSqlTable (QTable) with a custom development.
    QTable takes up too much memory.

  • In place INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE capabilities to CSqlTable

  • Add SSL support for MySQL 4

  • Have an option for "One connection only" for each registered server.

  • Hot-Key configuration dialog.
    MyCC needs to support user-definable hot-keys all around.

  • CQueryWindow
    *Need to add a combo with all the databases for that connection.
    *Open Results in new window.
    *Custom Queries: There needs to be a dialogue in which one specifies: a label for the query, a pixmap for the query and an SQL statement. Afterwards, a tool-bar appears with a button (using label and/or pixmap) and when one clicks on it, it executes the query. It should have the following options:
    -Execute to File [check-box]
    -Execute to Results-pane [check-box]
    -Make this query local
    -Make this query global
    - Print Query Results

  • Crontab Query Editor
    This should work like the unix-crontab. What it does is when certain date/time requirements are met, a specified file containing a query is executed. It should have an option to save to a log-file specific log-file, or an automatic log-file specific for this query.

  • Add Plugin Support
    It must include documentation and an SDK with several examples.

  • MySQLDump Wrapper
    Backup & Restore Tables using MySQLDump (With "Use Transaction" option)
    Copy tables between DB's / Servers
    Add BACKUP Capabilities (Depends on MySQLDump Wrapper)

  • Reporting Engine

  • Replication Wrapper

  • MySQLMulti Wrapper

  • Make each CDatabaseTreeItem descendant display something in the WidgetStack when clicked.

  • Need option "Hide Disconnected Items" for CDatabaseTree



  • ImageViewer - Need to make sure the image can be resized up to 1,1 pixels; Currently there's something that sets a minimum resize-size (this can be fixed in second stage).

  • Sound not working in Linux ... It can only be enabled when QT is compiled with the NAS option. It would be nice if QT didn't depend on it !

  • Check why Drag n Drop doesn't work on some Linux Systems.

  • QFileDialog can't see mysql.sock
    Trolltech should fix this.

  • QT 3.0.1 introduced a "Flickering" bug when changing widgets. This bug will be fixed in QT 3.0.2 and apart from annoying, it's not critical.
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