Hi. The Request For Comments (RFC) documents are intended to have wide distribution. 1. Copying and distributing the whole RFC without any changes: 1a. The copying and free redistribution are generally encouraged. 1b. The inclusion of RFCs in other documents and collections that are distributed for a fee is also encouraged, though in this case it is a courtesy (i) to ask the RFC author and (ii) provide the RFC author with a copy of the final document or collection. Anyone can takes some RFCs, put them in a book, copyright the book, and sell it. This in no way inhibits anyone else from doing the same thing, or inhibits any other distribution of the RFCs. 2. Copying and distributing the whole RFC with changes in format, font, etcetera: 2a. The same as case 1 with the addition that a note should be made of the reformatting. 3. Copying and distributing portions of an RFC: 3a. As with any material excerpted from another source, proper credit and citations must be provided. 4. Translating RFCs into other languages: 4a. Since wide distribution of RFCs is very desirable, translation into other languages is also desirable. The same requirements and courtesies should be followed in distributing RFCs in translation as would be followed when distributing RFCs in the original language. --jon.