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MySQL AB Consulting Services

In this document, we provide answers to questions we have been asked about our Consulting services.

What consulting services does MySQL AB provide?
MySQL AB offers consulting as opposed to application development.

Consultancy, as a rule, aims at streaming knowledge from the makers of the MySQL product directly to you, the customer responsible for application development and maintenance.

Consulting services are offered on the basis of long-term contracts and/or short-term visits. The whole consulting visit will be documented by our consultant.

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What type of problems does MySQL Consulting solve?
The MySQL database is part of a complex system. The design, implementation and testing of such a system is a highly demanding task. We can answer questions like:
  • Will the server work well with MySQL?
  • What can be done to make it work better?
  • Is everything configured correctly?
  • Is the network set up correctly for the application?
  • How will our Web server or programming language scale?

In particular, we will offer advice about:

  • Optimizing high-traffic web sites.
  • Setting up database structures.
  • Optimizing index usage.
  • Tuning mysqld server parameters.
  • Optimizing SQL statements.

For software producers, MySQL AB offers consulting to aid the development of embedded MySQL applications. This answers questions like:

  • How do I embed MySQL?
  • What can I leave out?
  • How do I automate installation?
  • How do I handle error recovery?

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Why should I consider MySQL AB Consulting Services?
After all these years and plenty of experience and testimonials, very often people still think of MySQL as a toy database. This is a complete misconception, and a very costly one indeed.

If people have success with MySQL, but later encounter performance limits, they tend to blame it on Open Source and turn to one of the big commercial database solutions. Only at this time do they find out that these database engines are just the same: very critical with respect to bad design and implementation.

In addition to costly licenses, consulting has to be applied with these solutions as well, in order to get proper performance. After all, you don't become an expert in any particular RDBMS or even in SQL just by buying a license.

Therefore, the first measure when you encounter performance problems should be to consider consulting from MySQL AB, the makers of MySQL.

We are confident that our database engine will work for you at any scale, if it did so at a small scale. Better still is the decision to order consulting beforehand. Please keep in mind that our consulting comes with the utmost guarantee.

If consulting is not an option at the present time, consider our different support levels. In any case, mission critical applications should not be run without proper support from the makers of MySQL.

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Does MySQL AB have Consulting references?
Yes! We have successfully delivered Consulting Services to companies such as:
  • Texas Instruments Inc. (USA)
  • ValueClick (USA)
  • KF (Sweden)
  • SpA (Italy)
  • SpA (Italy)
  • AdTrader Ltd. (UK)
  • FrogTrade Ltd. (UK)
  • A very high-traffic sweepstakes website (USA)

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Who delivers MySQL Consulting Services?
Depending on the particular demand and staff availability, MySQL AB will offer a consultant or a developer to do the job.
  • A ''consultant'' is a member of the MySQL AB Consulting Team. Consultants are specialists at solving customer needs in various situations. Consultants may work as trainers besides their consulting activities.
  • A ''developer'' is a member of the MySQL AB Core Development Team. Developers are specialists at individual technical areas of the MySQL server. Many developers have acquired extensive consulting experiences in addition to their development activities.

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How will the MySQL AB Consultant help me?
The consultant will consider all aspects of the task together with the main managers and developers of the client, propose solutions, test proposals, and if necessary, check back with the developers of MySQL to answer difficult problems.

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Will the consultant help me on-site?
As a rule, the work will be done on-site to get maximum results from the investment in the consultant's time. This implies travel costs, but consulting time will most probably be much shorter. We offer consultancy anywhere in the world.

As a special service, we offer installation and configuration consultancy from our offices via telephone and electronic communication with login privileges to the machines in question.

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How soon can I get started?
We will negotiate plans individually and as soon as possible, taking into account reasonable constraints from both parties. Starting dates are subject to consultant availability.

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How much does it cost?
We offer consultancy and senior consultancy rates at standard daily rates, with a two day minimum.

Charge per day


Europe, elsewhere




Senior Consultant



Software Architect



In addition, we charge for actual travel, hotel and other costs associated with visiting your site, as well as local applicable taxes (VAT, MWSt etc.).

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When is payment due?
Half of the actual consultancy fee to be paid 14 days in advance. The balance has to be paid within 14 days after the job is completed.

If you have a high-level support contract, you only pay 25% of the fee upfront.

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Must I have a valid support contract?
To make sure that questions arising after the consultant leaves get proper attention, you are urged to have a regular support contract.

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Do I have to work in English only?
No! We offer consultancy in English, German, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Finnish, based on consultant availability. You must agree with us on one of these languages to be the working language for the job.

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What paperwork is involved?
You must sign a work contract in advance.

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Is my satisfaction guaranteed?
We can't guarantee to solve all your problems. We will make all reasonable effort towards reasonable goals, however.

We don't guarantee any particular goal. We will, however, guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our consulting, we will refund 100% of the fee upon receiving a reasonable description of how and why you are dissatisfied. A short survey about the consultant and the consulting job may also be required before a refund is initiated.

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What shall I do now?
Please send an email to with a short description of
  • Your company
  • Your application need
  • Your location (country, state, city)
  • The proposed contact person within your company
  • The estimated duration of a consultant engagement
  • Your development environment (operating system, development language)

We will send you a reply with our suggestions on how to proceed.

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MySQL Consulting from MySQL AB Partners
The Authorized MySQL Consulting and support Providers offer MySQL consulting as well as support services worldwide. You can easily find our partners in our Partner Portal.

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