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Welcome to the MySQL AB Partner Page!

MySQL AB is dedicated to build a wide network of partners all over the world, and offers numerous business opportunities to companies joining the MySQL AB Partner Programme. As a MySQL AB Partner, you will be able to grow your business relying on support directly from the company behind the MySQL Database.

Do you want to find a MySQL AB Partner? Our Partner Portal is meant exactly for that! Here are listed our partners by category, have a look! Partner Portal

Do you want to get more information concerning the MySQL AB Partner Programme, why you should join, and how to get started? Here we go!

Programme Overview

The mission of MySQL AB is "to make superior data management available and affordable for all and to contribute to building the mission-critical high-volume systems and products of tomorrow." In order to fulfil our mission, we chose to rely on partners in each territory and market segment where MySQL adds value to end-customers.

We chose to build a wide network of partners and to drive business to them rather than setting up offices all around the globe.

Our Partners build their business around customer intimacy in their territory and market segment, around special needs, and around add-on products of their own.

Here are the various ways we can build a business together:

Bundling Partner

You wish to distribute MySQL as part as your offering? We can help you to reach a new target group and to enhance your offering with attractive benefits. If you want to find out more, just contact us at

Training Center

Authorized MySQL Training Centers contribute to making MySQL Training available all over the globe. The Authorized MySQL Training Centers are the only ones providing MySQL training based on the training materials developed and constantly updated by MySQL AB.

They benefit from marketing support as well as technical backsupport directly from MySQL AB. Would you like to sign up or to get more information? Easy, just send a mail to

Consulting and Support Provider

Authorized MySQL Consulting & Support Providers benefit from marketing support as well as technical backsupport directly from the developers of the MySQL Database server. They take care of customers needs in the territory where they are active. They help building various applications relying on MySQL and provide technical support. Want to know more? Send a mail to and we will soon get back to you.

Software Partner

You are selling an application running on MySQL, but not shipping MySQL with it, and would like to promote it towards the MySQL community? We can help you grow your business by promoting your software on our web site. Interested?

Publication Partner

You are considering publishing a book related to MySQL? Our team of developers and technical writers can help you to succeed in your project. You want to learn more? Please contact us at


There are chances you may want to become our partner in other ways than those presented above. If so, please send a mail to where you explain how you would like to partner with us.

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